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Frequently Asked Questions

What is EAP?

Ealing Alternative Provision is a supportive high quality fluid educational provision.

It offers bespoke programmes of study which safeguard and support the attainment of children resident in Ealing who are educated outside of the mainstream school system.

Who goes to EAP?

Pupils of generally High School age who, for a variety of reasons, are not able to attend a mainstream school.

Where is EAP located?

EAP is in Ealing, West London. Our address is:

Compton Close, Ealing, London W13 0LR

How can I apply for a place for my Child at EAP?

You don’t apply to EAP like a mainstream school. You will be referred to us by the local authority, and we will make contact with you.

What sort of subjects are studied at EAP?

EAP delivers a wide range of bespoke activities and subjects for students. This includes a number of different courses and options at GCSE level, and the traditional range of KS3 subjects to support student’s transition into KS4. We also work with a number of local colleges and commissioned provisions that we use in order to support students' individual needs. At EAP students will still for the most part complete the same GCSEs as they would in a mainstream school.

What sort of pastoral support is offered to students at EAP?

There is a large, dedicated and experienced pastoral team at EAP. We have onsite counsellors, mentors and careers workers. Additionally, each student has a form tutor that frequently liaises with parents.

Once at EAP, do students stay there until the end of Year 11?

Not necessarily. At KS3 and Year 10, we try (where possible) to reintegrate students back into a mainstream setting. We have a dedicated and experienced team for this who work closely with students, families and schools, in order to place students somewhere that they will have the best opportunities for succeeding.

As stated above, where reintegration is not possible, we aim to ensure that students get a high quality education, including sitting the same GCSE exams as they would do in mainstream schools, so no one gets left behind.

Is there any provision for online/home/web-based learning?

EAP uses Google Classroom which allows students to access high quality, bespoke learning, issued to them by their class teachers who know them well and to target activities based upon their individual needs. It also allows us to deliver lessons remotely as well.

What does Ofsted say about EAP?

Our last Ofsted visit was in October 2019. It was a Section 8 visit. Ofsted said the following about EAP:

“Ealing Alternative Provision continues to be a good school. All staff have high aspirations for how pupils will behave and what they will achieve.”

Please see the full report on the Ofsted section of this website.

I have a question that is not answered here…

Feel free to contact EAP in the following ways with any questions you might have: