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Our Management Committee

Service Quality Assurance, Monitoring & Evaluation

Governance / Management Committee

The service is subject to statutory governance arrangements in accordance with Alternative Provision Statutory guidance for local authorities January 2013.

The guidance makes it mandatory for local authorities to establish Management Committees if they maintain a Pupil Referral Unit. The Management Committee constitution is set out in an Instrument of Government comprised of four stakeholder groups: parents; staff; the local authority; and the community. There is an option to include one or two sponsor members who can form a fifth group but this must be matched by additional community members to ensure it has the highest representation.

The newly constituted EAP Instrument of Government (November 2021) is a nine member model:

Stakeholder Groups

No. of permitted members

Parent members


(At least one, but no more than one-fifth of the total committee)

Staff members


(At least one, but no more than one third of the total committee)

Local authority appointed members


(At least one, but no more than one-third of the total committee)

Community members


(Must outnumber all the other members combined)

 Sponsor (optional)


The functions of the Management Committee are to:

  • Have an overview of the strategic planning for EAP through the Development Plan
  • Have the capacity to bring about change relating to EAP provision
  • Be a body which can bring influence to bear at a senior level to address weaknesses in leadership and management
  • Have a nominated member for Safeguarding
  • Have a role in admissions, attendance, discipline, curriculum, and post-inspection action
  • Financial monitoring of the devolved budget
  • Nominate a Pay Committee in accordance with the Pay Policy

EAP Co-chairs of the Management Committee:

Paul Doyle - Deputy Headteacher in Ealing

Lou Grimley - Deputy Headteacher in Ealing

You can contact the Co-Chairs via or the Clerk to the Management committee