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Testimonials from Parents and Students

"Ealing Alternative Provision has been a blessing for our 15-year-old daughter who was out of school for almost 14 months. We really thought there was no way forward. 

Thanks to EAP our hopes have been restored and after just two weeks our once anxious child is smiling on her way to school.

EAP have given us a new found hope in Education. They believe that every child matters. The teachers are so kind, patient, loving and create a wonderful environment for children to learn in. They teach them to become better, not only academically, but guide and advise them on things that really matter in life. 

They do not exclude or make the child feel guilty for past behaviours. They have specially trained teachers and psychologists who have managed to gain our daughter's trust in a matter of days. She feels like she is part of a community where no one will judge her. 

We very much forward to seeing further progress in our daughters life as she continues to attend EAP. 

Thank you EAP for giving our family a second chance. We are so grateful."

Parent of Year 10 student.