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Subject Ethos:

The aim of the art department is to develop and broaden visual awareness through the use of a range of materials, techniques and appropriate contextual references.  

Art and design can stimulate creativity and imagination and many students find this relaxing and enjoyable.  It provides visual, tactile and sensory experiences which can influence responses to the world around us.  When encouraged, a sense of achievement in this subject can help increase self-confidence, which may extend into other areas of academic life. 

A key part of the KS3 and KS4 curriculum will be exploring the work of artists, craftspeople and designers and investigating the work of other times and cultures.  Students at KS4 will be following a GCSE course.

Key Stage 3: 

KS3 students work on a selection of thematic based topics, which changes each term.  Work will be completed both in work journals and larger scale for display.  There will be an emphasis on the learning of skills through the use of mixed media.  Differentiated work is available for all students.  It is hoped that students will enjoy their work whilst developing skills necessary for a potential GCSE course in the future.  Simple literacy tasks are included within the work schemes.

Assessment is completed each half term whilst marking and verbal feedback takes place regularly.

Students enjoy seeing their work on display and this encourages a sense of self achievement.

Key stage 4: 

Year 10

Year 11

Exam Board: Edexcel

Exam Title: GCSE Art and Design

Exam Reference:

Art and Design 2FA01/3FA01 (Final exam 2017)

Art Craft and Design 1AD0 (New Specification – First exam 2018)

Outline of Course: Yr. 10

Students will be introduced to a range of skills, processes and materials which will enable them to successfully address the necessary four GCSE assessment objectives through sequential development of ideas.  Contextual references are important and must underpin all work within the coursework portfolio.  Artists, designers and craft-workers will inspire initial studies which can be developed through a range of techniques, leading to personal final outcomes.  All work counts towards the final GCSE grade.

Outline of Course: Yr. 11

Students will be focussing on producing work for the mock examination.  During the autumn term students will build up a folder of sequentially developed studies leading towards the ten hour timed test (mock exam) in January.  These must focus on the four assessment objectives.

The GCSE grade comprises 60% Coursework and 40% External Assignment.  The External Assignment consists of a 20 hour ‘taught’ preparatory period (in order to develop ideas) followed by a 10 hour timed test.  The exam paper is distributed in January to allow the development of these studies.  Students will have an opportunity to produce and pursue own interests. A preparation day prior to the timed test will assist students with decisions which will help in the exam.  After the timed test all work will be prepared for display and marking.  All work is then externally moderated.

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Edexcel GCSE Art and Design (2016) | Pearson qualifications