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EAP Site

EAP’s main site provision education for secondary aged pupils (11-16yrs) in groups of between 6-8 with the majority attending accreditation pathways in Years 10 and 11. For younger pupils in Years 7,8 or 9, it is intended to be a short-term placement. Pupils are referred because they have been excluded from mainstream school or deemed not ready for mainstream under the Fair Access Protocol. Reintegration to mainstream school is a priority where possible for Years 7-10.

On site there is the opportunity to work in much smaller groups or Individualised Learning Programmes for secondary aged pupils with a range of complex needs who experience difficulty working in the larger groups.  Pupils are referred via the same process i.e. if they have been excluded from school, are awaiting a special school place or experience difficulties of a mental health nature e.g. anxiety, phobias, eating disorders, self-harm etc and may at times change provision internally from larger group programmes to the more individualised approach and or vice versa through careful discussion at the EAP weekly Placement Meeting.


Access to GCSE course vocational experience at KS4

Individualised Learning Programme with access to GCSE courses and/or equivalents with vocational experiences at KS4


This is an interim provision which focuses on a robust learning/nurture experience in preparation for reintegration to mainstream school where appropriate