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Media Studies

Subject Ethos: 

GCSE Media Studies works towards preparing learners for the modern world, developing skills, knowledge and understanding of The Media, something that are engrossed in every day of their lives, and something that is now at the heart of many modern career paths. The course develops their understanding of ICT, supports their studies in English in the way we analyse texts and introduces them to ideas and concepts that can have real world applications later in life.

The aims the course  are to encourage candidates to be inspired, moved and challenged by following a broad, coherent, satisfying and worthwhile course of study whilst gaining an insight into a broad range of media. It also aims to prepare candidates to make informed decisions about further learning opportunities and career choices.

This specification will enable candidates to firstly, develop enquiry, critical thinking and decision-making skills through the study of media texts, audiences and institutions. To develop their appreciation and critical understanding of the media and its role in their daily lives. To their practical skills through opportunities for personal engagement and creativity and finally to understand how to use media key concepts to analyse media texts and their contexts.

Key Stage 3: 

In Key Stage 3, students follow a course on Film Studies. This is designed to support future entry into the Media Studies GCSE; English; ICT and SMSC.

The students will study a range of films as texts, and will complete a variety of writing tasks on them. They will also have use of ICT in order to prepare them for the requirements of the Media Studies GCSE course.

The course will allow students to think critically and creatively, improve important skills and to prepare them for the upcoming GCSE courses.

Key stage 4: 

Year 10

Year 11

Exam Board: OCR

Exam Title: GCSE Media Studies

Exam Reference: J526

Outline of Course:

There are three elements to the GCSE Media Studies course:

Unit B321: The Individual Media Studies Portfolio

This is a controlled assessment unit, 25–30 hours, internally assessed and externally moderated.

120 marks, 30% of the total GCSE marks

Candidates produce an individual portfolio containing a comparative analytical assignment, a

production exercise and a planning and evaluative commentary. The comparative analytical

Assignment is based on at least two media texts from a selection of set topics produced by OCR.

Unit B322: Textual Analysis and Media Studies Topic (Moving Image)

40% of the total GCSE 1 hour 45 minutes written paper 80 marks. This is an examined unit where candidates in Section A analyse and respond to a short, unseen moving image extract. In Section B, candidates answer questions based on Institution and Audience through the study of Television Comedy and/ or Radio Comedy texts chosen by centres.

Unit B324: Production Portfolio in Media Studies

This is a controlled assessment unit, 25-30 hours, internally assessed and externally moderated. 120 marks, 30% of the total GCSE marks Candidates can either work individually or in groups to produce a major practical production from a selection of set briefs. Within this, each individual produces their own evidence of research and planning alongside an individual evaluation of their finished product.

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