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New Student Signing In System

We have recently invested in a new signing in system that has a touch screen terminal in the student entrance.

On arrival pupils need to touch the screen in the Students box and find their first name initial and touch the screen again to register for the day.

Pupils who arrive late will automatically be marked as late in the schools SIMs system and receive a demerit mark.

At the end of each student’s day they will need to log out on the screen as ‘Finished for the day’. 

Arrival and finishing times can varying according to the programme students are involved in and this has been taken into account by this new system. 

We hope that this new system will help students; teachers and parents to have an accurate record of attendance and in particular punctuality.  We hope that it will help students see how crucial to everyday life at school and later work, attending and being punctual is to progress and future success.

Signing in and out on site at EAP is part of our Safeguarding arrangements for students; teachers and visitors.