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Subject Ethos:

Physical Education at EAP encompasses a high-quality curriculum which inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physical activities. We provide opportunities for pupils to enhance their health and fitness and become more aware of the importance of an active lifestyle. In practical activities opportunities are provided to compete in sport and build character and promote values such as fairness and respect. In theory lessons we aim to develop knowledge and understanding of the human body, concepts of health and fitness and the importance of living an active lifestyle.

Key Stage 3: 

At Key Stage 3 pupils continue to develop their physical development and performance skills and learn to apply them across different sports and physical activities. Including badminton, basketball, football, rounders, rugby and fitness activities.

Key stage 4: 

Year 10

Year 11

Exam Board: Edexcel

Exam Title: Physical Education

Outline of Course:

Component 1: Fitness and Body Systems

  • Factors underpinning physical activity and sport performance
  • Applied anatomy and physiology, movement analysis and physical training
  • Analyse and evaluate performance and devise informed strategies for improving/optimising performance

Component 2: Health and Performance

  • Factors underpinning participation and performance in physical activity and sport
  • Sports psychology
  • Key socio-cultural influences that can affect people’s involvement in physical activity and sport

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