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Pupil Premium

Allocation of Pupil Premium & Pupil Premium Plus 

Pupil Premium Universal

All pupils referred to EAP are vulnerable and therefore require educational provision as an alternative to a mainstream setting. They are all considered to have additional needs. Therefore, EAP has agreed that all pupils qualify for support from the Pupil Premium Grant and considers it a universal level of support. If a child reintegrates into High School, EAP recommends that Pupil Premium support is in place.

This equates to an individual pupil allocation for an average of 90 pupils and helps to fund the following activities which give the pupils additionally and support pupil progress:

  • Free hot School Lunch
  • Access to Free Breakfast Club
  • Access to the school counsellor
  • Access to art and movement therapies
  • Access to school uniform when needed
  • Access to family support
  • Access to the Forest School and ‘letting Grow’
  • Individual Mentoring Sessions
  • Literacy catch-up programme
  • The Easy Project (Substance Misuse)
  • A range of Educational Visits
  • Access to organised specialist providers as and when available

Pupil Premium Plus

Pupil Premium Plus is awarded to children who are:

  • CLA (including those who have been in local authority care for 1 day or more)
  • Post LAC: Adopted, subject of a special guardianship order or subject of a child arrangements order

For CLA Pupils, EAP attend CLA review meetings within a co-ordinated multi-agency approach. EAP will contribute to discussions and make recommendations about the allocation of Pupil Premium Plus. It may be used in the following ways:

  • To purchase  specific items of I.T, e.g. laptop, tablet, e reader
  • To provide a programme of targeted tuition e.g. literacy/numeracy
  • To organise bespoke educational visits to broaden a curriculum experience, e.g. museums, galleries, theatre
  • Any other educational resource to support pupil progress
  • To provide career guidance and workplace opportunities