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Subject Ethos

The  Science Faculty aims to:

  • ensure that students develop a secure knowledge and understanding of each key topic area within the three Science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  • support reintegration and accreditation enabling progression to the next stage in the students’ education pathway
  • motivate students to achieve their potential and provide a disciplined but caring environment which facilitates learning for all.
  • develop the use of Scientific language
  • provide opportunities for students to apply their mathematical knowledge to their understanding of science, including collecting, presenting and analysing data
  • develop investigative skills such aplanning, concluding and evaluating
  • monitor progress, assessing both formally and informally.
  • encourage enjoyment of Science by including practical activities where possible.

Key Stage 3 

KS3 science is taught as one subject, and all three main disciplines (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) are given equal time.

The Science Department follows an in house scheme adapted from the  QCA programme of study  which aims to ensure students are well prepared for progression onto GCSE courses, or for reintegration into main stream school where appropriate. Differentiation occurs through common conceptual threads up to GCSE for the most able. Progress tasks and tests provide quantitative data to support the tracking of students, to ensure that all students make good or better progress.

Key stage 4 

Year 10

Year 10 students are studying the new EDEXCEL Combined  Science GCSE. This is a 2 year course spread equally across Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The  ‘paper 1’ topics are taught in Year 10 and ‘paper 2’ topics in Year 11. The course includes 18 key practicals which help develop the skills knowledge and understanding of ‘working scientifically’.  Assessment will happen at the end of Year 11 in the form of 6 externally examined papers. The examinations are available at foundation (grades 1 -5) and higher (grades 4 -9). The papers will include multiple choice, short answer questions, calculations and extended open response questions.

Year 11

Year 11 students are studying for EDEXCEL GCSE (2SC01) in Core science. This is the final cohort to sit this particular syllabus which is to be replaced by a new Coordinated Science GCSE (first exam 2018). Students may also study for EDEXCEL GCSE in  Additional Science (2SA01) where appropriate (i.e. they already have a GCSE Core Science grade C or above from their previous school).

The assessment route involves 1x controlled assessment (25%) and 3 terminal, 1 hour papers,  in Biology, Chemistry, Physics. The examinations are available at foundation (grade C - G) and higher (grade A - C) level.

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